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Good Music Medicine 2023​ Shedule.

*Friday January 13th 6-9pm. Sunroom Brewing. Englewood, Co.
*Saturday January 21st. 6-8pm. Left Hand Brewing. Longmont, Co.
*Saturday February 4th. 6-8pm Vision Quest. Boulder, Co
*Thursday Feb. 9th 7-9pm. Rayback Collective, Boulder, Co.
*Saturday Feb. 11th. 5-8pm. Enigna Bazaar.Denver, Co
*Friday Feb. 17th 2:30-3:30 Brookdale Boulder, Co.
*Saturday February 18th 6-8 Mighty River. Windsor, Co
*Saturday February 25th 6-8pm Boco Cider Bouldr, Co.
*Sunday March 5th. 2-4pm. Peculiar Ales Windsor, Co
*Wed March 8th 7:30 to 8:30 Steaming Youtube/FB Camera Jams
​*Saturday March 11th 2-5pm. The Well. Conifer, Co.
*Saturday March 25th 3 to 6pm. Rock Rest Lodge .Golden, Co.

*Sat April 8th 7:30-10pm. Black &Brews Music. Loveland, Co.
*Friday April 14th 8-11pm. Oddes. Westminster. Co.
*Saturday April 15th 6-8pm. Mighty River Brewing. Windsor Co.
*Thur April 20 6-8pm. The Ranch Country Club, Westmonster, Co.
*Saturday April 22nd. 2-5pm Aspen Peak. Bailey Co.
*Friday April 28th 5-7pm. Left Hand. Longmont, Co.
*Saturday April 29th 6-8pm. Boco Cider. Boulder, Co.
*Sun. May 7th 3-5pm. Grossen Bart. Fundraiser. Longmont, Co.
*Friday May 12th 6-8 Back Stage Brewing. Lyons Co.
*Saturday May 27th 2-5pm. Rock Rest Lodge. Golden, Co.
*June 2nd. 6-8.Vision Quest. Boulder, Co.
*SunJune 4th. 3-530pm. Wonderland Brewing. Westminster, Co.
*Saturday June 10th 6-8pm. Mighty River. Windsor Co.
*Thursday June 15th 7-10pm. Nissi's Lafayette, Co.
*Saturday June 17th 7-10pm. Floodstage Ale. Brighton, Co.

*Saturday July 7th. 5-7pm. Left Hand. Longmont, Co.
*Saurday July 8th 2-5pm. Aspen Peak, Bailey, Co.
*Thursday July 13th 7-9pm. Rayback Collective. Boulder, Co.
*Saturday July 15th 6-8pm Boco Cider. Boulder, Co.
*Saturday, July, 22nd. 2-5pm. The Well. Conifer, Co.
*Sunday July 30th 4-6pm. Grossenbart Brew. Longmont, Co.
*Saturday August 4th 8-11pm. The Alley Littelton, Co.
*Saturday August 12th 5-7pm Private Party Nederland, Co.
*Saturday August 19th 3-5pm. Private Party Commerce City, Co.
*Thursday August 24th. 7-9pm. Jamestown Merc. Jamestown, Co.
*Friday Spetember 1st, 5-8pm. The Well. Conifer, Co.
*Sunday September 3rd. 2-5pm. Apen Peak, Bailey Co.
​*Sunday Spetember 10th. 2-5pm. Rock Rest. Golden, Co
*Saturday Septmeber 30th 6-8pm Boco Cider, Boulder, Co.

*Sat. October 14th. 5-730 Rocky Mtn. Beer Garden Louisville, Co.
*Saturday October 27th 8-11pm. Odde's Westminster, Co.
​*Saturday January 27th 7:30-10. Black and Blues. Loveland Co.


*2022 GGM Shedule

*Saturday, January 8th 6-9pm. The Grange. Greenwood Village, Co
* Saturday, January 22nd 6-8pm
Boco Cider. Boulder, Co.
*Saturday, January 29th 2-5pm.

Aspen Peak Cellars.Bailey, co

*Saturday, March 26th 6-8pm Boco Cider. Boulder, Co

​*Saturday, Apri 16th 6-8pm Copper Sky Longmont, Co

*Friday, April 22nd 7-9pm The Mercantile. Jamestown, Co

​*Saturday April 23rd 3-5pm Left Hand Brewing. Longmont, Co
*Saturday May 14th 6-8pm Tipsy Cricket. Windsor Co

*Saturday May 28th 6-ppm ALOFT Hotel Westmnster, Co.

*Saturday  JUne 4th 6-8pm Boco Cider. Boulder, Co

*Saturday June 25th 2-5pm Aspen Peak Cellars. Bailey, Co

*Friday, July 1st. Private Party. Commerce City, Co

*Saturday, July 16th 6-9pm Aloft Hotel. Westminster, Co.

*FRiday JUly 22nd. 6-8pm Left Hand Lomgmont, Co

*Friday, JUly 29th 6-8pm Boco Cider. Boulder, Co

*Sunday JUly 31st 2-5pm. Rock Rest Lodge Golden, Co

​*Thursday August 4th 5-6pm. Music on the Rails. Niwot, Co.

​*Saturday, August 6th 12-2pm Cherry Creek. Denver, Co

*Saturday August 27th 12-2pm Honey Bee Festival. Niwot, Colorado

​*Friday Septmeber 9th. 6-9pm Aloft Hotel Westminster, Co

*Saturday Spetember 10th 2-5pm. Rock Rest Lodge. Golden, Co.

*Saturday September 24th 6-8 pm Boco Cider. Boulder, Co

*Friday September 30th 6-8pm Left Hand. Longmont, Co.

*Sunday October 2nd. 11-1pm, Elks Festival. Estes Park, Co.

*Saturday October 8th 6:30-9pm Aspen Peak. Bailey, Co

*Sunday October 9th. 1-2. Private Party. Longmont, Co.

*Saturday October 15th 5-7pm Fundraiser Public. Longmont, Co.

*Saturday October 22 1-3 Private Party. Commerce City, Co.

*Saturday November 5th. 6-8pm Boco Cider. Boulder. Co.

​*Friday November 11th 6-8pm. Vision Quest. Boulder, Co.

*Saturday November 12th 6-8pm Sunroom Brewery. Englewood, Co.

​​*Saturday November 19th 6-8pm Mighty River. Windsor, Co.

*Friday December 2nd, 6-8pm. Left Hand Brewing. Longmont, Co.

*Saturday December 10th 2-5pm Aspen Peak. Bailey Co.

*Saturday December 17th 6-8pm Boco Cider. Boulder, Co.

*Thursday December 22nd 6-8pm. Rayback Collective. Boulder, Co.

"Thomas and Good Music Medicine have played many concerts for us in NIwot and at my business and he is wonderful. He sings his heart and soul out and draws a big crowd - we love him. Come back soon!" Deb Fowler DFR Realestate. Niwot Sidewalk Sale.

Good Music Medicine is a local Colorado band playing all over the front range. We are happy to play locally and we are happy to travel. We can play as a trio for smaller events or as a 4 piece for a fuller sound. We can play a loud party set, or a quite dinner set. We play alot of fantasitc orignal music, but we can do a cover set if needed. GMM is made of all pofessional and experienced musicians. We have been invited back to every venue we have played. We always entertain and we give a lot of love to the patrons and hosts. We also market all our gigs and draw upon our fan base to fill shows. We ae looking forward to entertaining you! For more clips hit Music Page...

*Sept. 19th Skyline Park 12-2. Denver.
*September 24th Black and Blues. 6-8 Loveland
*Sept. 25th Niwot Sidewalk Sale 12-2. Niwot.
*October 17th  Stone Cup 10-12 Lyons
*October 22nd BoCo Cider 6-8. Boulder.
*October 23rd Old Oak Coffee 530-730. Niwot
*Nov 7th Abbott and Wallace6-8. Longmont.

*December 4th Old Oak Coffee 530-730. Niwot.

​*Sunday, December 5th 2-5pm. Aspen Peak Cellary. Bailey, Co.
*Saturday, December 11th 6-8pm. BoCo Cider House. Boulder.
*Tuesday December 28th 6-8pm

*Feb 11th Back and Blues 6-8 Loveland.

i'm one of the owners of Black and Blues Music and Brews. We had the pleasure of having Thomas Dow and Good Music Medicine at our venue. They brought great energy with a soothing sound. They were very easy to work with and just wanted to make sure everything was sounding good. We'll have them back in a couple months and will continue to do so. We appreciate working with musicians like this, it helps us grow together and build the community!! Fabian Gonzales

3 Peace...

​GMM TRIO 2021 Shedule
*IronTon Distillerey , Denver. April, 3rd. 6 to 8 
*Shine Restaurant,  Boulder. May 16th
*Wedding, Denver .June 27th
*Private Party Comerce CityJuly 18th
*BoCo Cider House, Boulder. 6-8
3/28, 5/15, 6/20, 7/24
*Niwot Sidewalk Sale. 12-2 4/17, 5/29, 6/26, 7/17, 8/21

Good Music Medicine entertained our Snowshoe & Fondue crowd in a professional manner the entire afternoon. Such a great group of talented musicians with a large repertoire of originals and covers. Looking forward to have you guys back on stage soon. Team Aspen Peak Cellars, Bailey, CO



"Thomas Dow (Good Music Medicine) is an accomplished  musician and an entertainer too; that's a rare combo.  His trio played several times at BOCO Cider in Boulder and he always did his share of marketing to bring fans.  His professionalism and talent always connects with the audience!" Mike Belochi, owner BOCO Cider.