September, 2021

“Thomas has been teaching my son, Grant, guitar for 4 years. In this time, I have not only seen Grant’s love and appreciation for music grow, I have also witnessed his confidence and self-esteem improve. Thomas provided constant encouragement and support to Grant that he was able to play his guitar and sing into a microphone at a local coffee shop. Thomas naturally finds a way for kids to “break free” from their fears and accomplish goals they never thought possible. Thomas has been a blessing to our family.” Emily S, Gunbarrel.

Septemeber, 2021

"Thomas is a wonderful teacher! Not only did he teach my daughter and I guitar… but he also taught us how to believe in ourselves. My daughter’s confidence grew so much with Thomas. She wasn’t just confident in her guitar skills, but as a good human too. Thomas is funny, kind, patient, and talented. We are lucky to have a teacher like Thomas in our lives." Jolie E. Gunbarrel.

August, 2021,

"If you are looking for the most talented, kind and patient guitar teacher in the world- look no further! Thomas is your guy. Thomas is a very creative and fun teacher. He is a true Rock Star!" Grant. 10

July 2021

"Thomas, you are such an awesome person. You have taught me so much about music and you have taught me to be a better person. I woulden't be anywhere if it wasen't for what you taught me and the motivation you have given me. I owe you so much." Albert 18. Boulder, Co.

August, 2018

“Thomas has been teaching our 9 year-old son to play the guitar and I can’t recommend him enough! Thomas came into our son’s life at a time when he needed a kind and patient teacher/mentor. Through his gentle encouragement and warm-hearted disposition, Thomas inspired our son to embrace the guitar…and to play and sing in public! Our son’s confidence has grown and it’s so lovely to see him step out of his comfort zone…with a SMILE! We all look forward to seeing Thomas each week.” Kim Vincent Bagelman. Boulder.

March, 2018

"For the past several months Thomas has been providing guitar lessons for our 13 year old son.  We have had several instructors over the years with mixed results at best.  Thomas has proven to be incredibly patient, engaging, effective and fun. For the first time, our son looks forward to his lessons. The other day I took a moment to listen to our son practicing and was amazed to see how far he has come.  I wholeheartedly recommend Thomas to anyone with a desire to learn guitar.  He is a reliable, capable, inspirational and extraordinarily patient teacher."

Andrea Guss, Gunbarrel, Co

June 2017

"Just in case you need to know, Thomas is one of the best instructors I have ever been associated with. He takes his time and makes sure the student understands the lesson".

Michael Freyta 

​Broomfield, Co

August 2017

"Great teacher, nice, patient and easy going. If you want to learn guitar at your own pace and without stress you came to the right place... " 

Miles Filus

Fredrick, Co

March 2016

"I had wanted to write songs for many years. As a moderate acoustic guitarist, it all seemed way above my pay grade. Through Thomas' gentle way of teaching, it actually was much easier, much more accessible than I thought! To date, I have written two songs and I am on my way to writing some more. Next Thomas is working with me on the courage to perform those songs!!"

Sandy Clement

Longmont, Colorado

October, 2016

"I have been playing guitar for 16 years and I had intuitively by ear figured out how to play leads to some chord progressions. Too often I would get lost as things got more complex. Thomas has shown me, in just a few lessons the basic structure of what scales to play over what chords. This has helped when I am playing with others 10 fold".

Johnny Dorado Gunbarrel.

January, 2014

"Theory was never my thing. My mind does not work in this way. Thomas helped me speak a language around theory and scales that I could understand. He figured out a way to work with my mind. He is a great teacher and finds the way in which all his students learn."

Minos Enfield Boulder, Co

August, 2011

"I went from only dreaming of playing acoustic guitar to being able to play the major chords and beginning to understand how to take some of my poetry and turn it into my own songs. Thomas gives his students confidence that anyone can write a song, sing and play guitar. Thanks Thomas!"

Carla Jorgensen Westminster, Colorado

January, 2011
"We hired Thomas and Side Kick to help shepherd our band, Drive, to the next level of performing and recording. We’ve been impressed with his expertise and assistance as well as his contacts in the Boulder area. We’ve enjoyed our interactions with Thomas and would highly recommend his services to other bands and musicians". Alan F, Drive. Boulder, Co


 This is a local band I coached for while in 2016 Drive, Cars Tribute Band.  If you want to book them, let me know...

"I went to Thomas for bass lessons when my family went to America in 2009. Thomas taught me all the basics and even managed to convince me into playing with his band on stage at a local music venue. Usually I would never do anything like that, but Thomas is the kind of teacher that inspires you and pushes you go beyond your comfort zone, where all the magic happens! Thomas is an amazing teacher and person, that went out of his way to make me feel comfortable give me an experience that I’ll never forget! Beyond the teaching, Thomas is a great person to have chats with and he makes great tea (what a bonus)"!
Robyn Smith
South Africa

January, 2011
"We hired Thomas and Side Kick to help shepherd our band, Drive, to the next level of performing and recording. We’ve been impressed with his expertise and assistance as well as his contacts in the Boulder area. We’ve enjoyed our interactions with Thomas and would highly recommend his services to other bands and musicians". Alan F, Drive. Boulder, Co
Alan Fields/Drive

Performance Coaching

 I also teach online!     Scroll down for info and testimonials!

January, 2016
Thomas has really helped me progress with my guitar playing over the last few months.  I have learned so much about picking and strumming while having a blast at the same time!  My confidence levels have increased ten-fold, and I am excited every time I pick up the guitar.  Thomas is a wonderful instructor who cares deeply about each of his students.  I recommend him highly! 
Linnea Ingraham
Boulder, Co.

Awesome Guitar and Songwriting Lessons!



My name is Thomas and I own Good Music Medicine. I have been playing guitar for over 36 years. I have been lucky enough to perform as a singer/songwriter and guitarist all around the front range! Being a musician brings me great joy and I love to share that joy wth others! It's my my honor to teach you or our child some guitar or songwriting!!

I am a patient, down to earth teacher and I work well with both children and adults.​ If your new at guitar as an adult or child, I'd like to help get you on your way. If your already playing well, but want to take the next step, I love to help develop artists. I can support you in getting to the next level, what ever that is for you. I'll even get on stage with you if that will help! I have student recitals 2 times a year where you get a chance to show off what you have leaned! I also have experience in mentoring and managing bands. Everything from how to communicate with a venue, to how to balance the spot light.

Feeling intimidated by theory?? I was too. I had been performing and playing many basic leads for years before I was able to comprehend the theory behind the notes. I make it easy for you. I specialize in teaching people the joys and freedom of lead guitar work. I'll find a way to teach you mastery of the neck; generally by breaking theory down and making each piece I teach you, applicable and useful to everyday playing. In a deeper look, any one can string notes together, I also teach how to create phrases, licks and use silence as well, to be a crisp, sharp lead player.

I am also a songwriter. It is my sincere belief that any human being can write a song, learn to perform it and then share it with friends, or the world. I can help you in 1 lesson to see the possibility of this. Songwriting is like 3 dimensional journaling. It's very cathartic, and just plain fun! If you have ever had an interest in songwriting, I can help you!

Local lessons are $45/ 45 minutes in my north Boulder Studio. Occasional house calls available for a higher rate. Cash is appreciated as well as weekday daytime availability. You won't find a better deal than that from someone with 35 plus years of experience. Feel free to email or call if you have any questions . 

In addition, if you don't live in Colorado, I offer lessons via Zoom and Face Time. I email charts for you to follow along with. These lessons are $45 for 45 minutes. Payment via Pay Pal or Vmeo.  I am happy to speak with you on the phone about your goals and my teaching style anytime! 

​Thanks for reading! Hope to see you soon!!**I tend to get booked up in the after school/early evening and weekend spots. I do however, currently have a couple openings during these times so give a call! I generally have more availability in the daytime weekday hours. Summer schedule is open as well!!!**


Music by Thomas Dow

GMM Recitals & Student Jam Night YouTube Clips


I am open to getting my students on stage whether its at an open mic or backing them up. This is a shot of two students on stage with one of my old bands.

January, 2016
"Thomas Dow and I coached a local band together, helping them polish, tune and find their best sound. Thomas is great to work with, he's personable and easy going while having and extensive knowledge and expertise in the music business." 
Laura Williams, Vocal Coach
Denver, Co

Guitar and Song Writing Lessons

I love to mentor performing musicians. If you need feed back on your solo performance, or your band needs help coming together, or whatever I can do to help get you performing at your best! $30/Hour for coaching. Happy to come listen to your band anytime and give some feedback.