​ ​GGM Trio 2021 Shedule

​​*IronTon Distillerey , Denver. April, 3rd. 6 to 8 
*Shine Restaurant,  Boulder. May 16th

*Wedding, Denver .June 27th
*Private Party Comerce CityJuly 18th
*BoCo Cider House, Boulder. 6-8
3/28, 5/15, 6/20, 7/24
​*Niwot Sidewalk Sale. 12-2 4/17, 5/29, 6/26, 7/17, 8/21

 *Sept. 19th Skyline Park 12-2. Denver.
*September 24th Black and Blues. 6-8 Loveland
*Sept. 25th Niwot Sidewalk Sale 12-2. Niwot.
*October 17th  Stone Cup 10-12 Lyons
*October 22nd BoCo Cider 6-8. Boulder.
*October 23rd Old Oak Coffee 530-730. Niwot
*Nov7th Abbott and Wallace6-8. Longmont.

*December 4th Old Oak Coffee 530-730. Niwot.
*Feb 11th Back and Blues 6-8 Loveland.
*Sunday, December 5th 2-5pm. Aspen Peak Cellary. Bailey, Co.
*Saturday, December 11th 6-8pm. BoCo Cider House. Boulder.
*Tuesday, December 28th 6-8pm. Tipsy Cricket. Windsor Co
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Music by Thomas Dow​

​​​Good Music Medicine 2023 Schedule

 *Friday January 13th 6-9pm. Sunroom Brewing. Englewood, Co.
*Saturday January 21st. 6-8pm. Left Hand Brewing. Longmont, Co.
*Saturday February 4th. 6-8pm Vision Quest. Boulder, Co

*Thursday Feb. 9th 7-9pm. Rayback Collective, Boulder, Co.
*Saturday Feb. 11th. 5-8pm. Enigna Bazaar.Denver, Co

*Friday Feb. 17th 2:30-3:30 Brookdale Boulder, Co.
*Saturday February 18th 6-8 Mighty River. Windsor, Co
*Saturday February 25th 6-8pm Boco Cider Bouldr, Co.
*Sunday March 5th. 2-4pm. Peculiar Ales Windsor, Co

*Wed March 8th 7:30 to 8:30 Steaming Youtube/FB Camera Jams
​*Saturday March 11th 2-5pm. The Well. Conifer, Co.

*Saturday March 25th 3 to 6pm. Rock Rest Lodge .Golden, Co.

*Sat April 8th 7:30-10pm. Black &Brews Music. Loveland, Co.

*Friday April 14th 8-11pm. Oddes. Westminster. Co.

*Saturday April 15th 6-8pm. Mighty River Brewing. Windsor Co.

*Thur April 20 6-8pm. The Ranch Country Club, Westmonster, Co.

*Saturday April 22nd. 2-5pm Aspen Peak. Bailey Co.

*Friday April 28th 5-7pm. Left Hand. Longmont, Co.

*Saturday April 29th 6-8pm. Boco Cider. Boulder, Co.

*Sun. May 7th 3-5pm. Grossen Bart. Fundraiser. Longmont, Co.

*Friday May 12th 6-8 Back Stage Brewing. Lyons Co.

*Saturday May 27th 2-5pm. Rock Rest Lodge. Golden, Co.

*June 2nd. 6-8. Vision Quest. Boulder, Co.

*SunJune 4th. 3-530pm. Wonderland Brewing. Westminster, Co.

*Saturday June 10th 6-8pm. Mighty River. Windsor Co.

*Thursday June 15th 7-10pm. Nissi's Lafayette, Co.

*Saturday June 17th 7-10pm. Floodstage Ale. Brighton, Co.


*Friday, July 7th. 6-9pm. Left Hand. Longmont, Co. 5 Piece

*Saurday July 8th 2-5pm. Aspen Peak, Bailey, Co. 3 Piece

*Thurs July 13th 7-9pm. Rayback Collective. Boulder, Co. 5 piece

​*Saturday July 15th 6-8pm Boco Cider. Boulder, Co. 4 piece

*Sat, July, 22nd. 8-11 Roots Music Project  Boulder, Co.5 piece

*Sat July 29th. 2-4pm. Upslope Booulder. Co 2 piece

*Sun July 30th 4-6pm. Grossenbart Brew. Longmont, Co. 4 piece

*Saturday August 4th 8-11pm. The Alley Littelton, Co. 4 piece

*Saturday August 12th 5-7pm Private Party Nederland, Co. 4 piece

*Sat August 19th 3-5pm. Private Party Commerce City, Co. 5 piece

*Thurs August 24th. 7-9pm. Merc. Jamestown, Co. 5 piece

*Sat Sept 2nd, 3-5pm.Junk Yard Social, Boulder Co. 2 piece

*Sunday September 3rd. 2-5pm. Apen Peak, Bailey Co. 3 piece

​*Friday Spetember 8th, 5-8pm. The Well. Conifer, Co. 4 piece

​*Sunday Spetember 10th. 2-5pm. Rock Rest. Golden, Co 3 piece

​*Sat Sep 23rd 4-6pm. Private Party Denver, Co 4 piece

*Saturday Spetmeber 30th 6-8pm Boco Cider, Boulder, Co. 4 piece


*Sunday October 1st 11-1pm Estes Park Elk Fest. 4 piece

*Sat. Oct. 7th 2-4pm. Grossenbart. Longmont. 3 piece

*Sat. Oct 14th. 6-9pm. Floodstage Ale Works, Brighton Co. 4 piece

​*Friday Oct. 20th 6-8pm. Boco Cider. Boulder, Co 2 Piece

*Saturday October 27th 8-11pm. Odde's Westminster, Co. 4 piece

*Sat Nov 4th 8-10pm. Roots Music Project. Boulder. 4 piece

*Wed, Nov. 8th  6-8pm. Rosalee's Pizza. Longmont. 2 piece

*Sat, Nov 18.th 6-8pm. South Side Brew. Aurora. 2 piece

*Saturday December 23rd. 8-11pm. The Alley. Littleton 3 Piece

​*Sat January 27th 7:30-10. Black and Blues. Loveland Co. 3 piece


GMM Shows 2022

*Saturday, January 8th 6-9pm. The Grange. Greenwood Village, Co.
*Saturday, January 22nd 6-8pm Boco Cider. Boulder, Co.
*Saturday, January 29th 2-5pm. Aspen Peak Cellary. Baily, Co.

*Saturday, March 26th 6-8pm Boco Cider. Boulder,Co

​*Saturday, April 16th 6-8pm Coper Sky. Longmont, Co

*Friday, April  22nd 7-9pm The Mercantile. Jamestown, Co

*Saturday, April 23rd 3-5pm Left Hand Brewing. Longmont, Co

*Saturday, May 14th 6-8pm Tipsy Cricket. Windsor Co

​*Saturday, May 28th 6-9pm Aloft Hotel Westminster, Co


​*Saturday June 4th 6-8pm Boco Cider. Boulder, Co

*Saturday June 25th  2-5pm Aspen Peak Cellars. Bailey, Co

*Friday July 1st. Private Party. Commerse City, Co

*Saturday, July 16th 6-9pm Aloft Hotel. Westminster, Co

*Friday July 22nd. 6-8pm Left Hand Longmont,Co

*Friday July 29th 6-8pm Boco Cider. Boulder, Co

*Sunday July 31st. 2-5pm. Rock Rest Lodge .Golden, Co

*Thursday August 4th 5-6pm Music on Rails. Niwot, Co

*Saturday August 6th 12-2 Cherry Creek. Denver, Co

*Saturday, August 27th 12-2pm. Honey Bee Festival. Niwot, Co


​* Friday September 9th 6-9 ALoft Hotel .Westminster, Co

*Saturday September 10th 2-5pm. Rock Rest Lodge. GOlden, Co.

*Saturday Septemeber 24th 6-8pm Boco Cider. Boulder, Co

*Friday Septmeber 30th 6-8pm Left Hand. Longmont C0.

*Saturday October 2nd 11-1pm Elks Festival Estes Park,Co

*Saturday October 8th 6:30-9pm Aspen Peak . Bailey, Co

Sunday October 9th 1-2 Private Party. Longmont, Co

*Saturday October 15th 5-7 Fundraiser. Public Longmont, Co.

*Saturday Ocotber 22nd 1-3 Private Party. Commerce City, Co.

*Saturday Nov 5th 6-8pm Boco Cider.  Boulder, Co.

​*Friday November 11th. 6-8pm. Vision Quest. Boulder, Co.

*Saturday November 12th. 6-8pm. Sunroom Brewery. Englewood, Co.

​*Saturday November 19th 6-8pm Mighty River. Windsor, Co. 

*Friday December 2nd. 6-8pm Left Hand Brewing. Longmont, Co*Saturday

*Saturday December 10th 2-5pm Aspen Peak .Bailey, Co

*Saturay December 17th 6-8pm. Boco Cider. Boulder, Co

*Thursday December 22nd 6-8pm. Rayback Collective. Boulder, Co.



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